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Youtube Tags

What Are YouTube Tags and How Do I Use Them?

YouTube tags (sometimes referred to as "video tags") are words and phrases used to provide context for a video on YouTube. In YouTube's search algorithm, tags are a significant ranking component.

What are the Benefits of Using Tags?

Your tags, like any other piece of metadata, are a way for YouTube and Google to learn more about your video... including the topic, category, and other details about your video A recent industry study discovered a tiny but significant link between YouTube tags and YouTube ranking.

Guidelines for Best Practices

The first tag denotes the target keyword. YouTube pays significant attention to the initial few tags when it comes to video SEO. (This is especially true for your very first tag.) As a result, make sure your initial tag has the exact, word-for-word keyword you want to rank for. Let's imagine you want your video to rank for the keyword "public speaking advice." You'll want to use that identical phrase in your initial YouTube tag: Use a combination of broad and specific tags. Tags that are particular to your video's content (such as "grow bigger biceps" or "how to start a blog") can help YouTube figure out what your video is about. However, it's also critical to use wide tags. Broad tags provide vital context for your video on YouTube. Take, for example, the core keyword.